Ashfield Partnership Against Crime


Anti Social Behaviour Education around Scooter Misuse

On 25 March, 15 year nine pupils from Hucknall's Holgate School took part in the second round of the 'PEDS' Motorcycle Course. The one day course is aimed at educating young people of the law and the dangers of illegal and anti-social motorbike and scooter misuse.

The course looks at different aspects of scooters and motorbikes including emphasising the requirements of completing the necessary legal requirements including the CBT exam and provides them with the necessary information of how to obtain this and what it will entain. The Fire Service delivered their Impact Roadshow which focusses on the consequenses of road collisions caused by dangerous driving and misuse of vehicles. The Police also used the day to explore with the young people the impact that anti-social misuse of scooters can have on the local community as well as the consequences for the young people themselves and their parents.

This is the second time the course has been run, the first time was with a group of young people who had been identified as causing anti-social behaviour on scooters.