Ashfield Partnership Against Crime

Drugs and Alcohol Misuse

Alcohol and binge drinking – do you know your limits?

Drunk mannequin
Between the 1st to the 31st March 2010, the Ashfield Partnership Against Crime (together with colleagues from Mansfield Partnership Against Crime) ran a joint funded campaign addressing ‘alcohol misuse and binge drinking’. A range of initiatives were put in place across the two districts which culminated locally on Saturday, 27th March in Sutton in Ashfield town centre.

The thrust of our joint message is to acknowledge that Young people consume far more alcohol today than at any other time in modern history. If this continues, the impact upon their medium to long-term health will be severe. In Nottinghamshire:
  • There were 250 alcohol-related deaths last year in local hospitals
  • Last year there were 449 cases alcohol liver disease
  • Alcohol misuse costs the local NHS £23 Million a year
  • Alcohol affects 14,000 children of drinking parents
  • 43% of alcohol-related hospital admissions are from Mansfield and Ashfield
  • Mansfield has the highest level of alcohol-related harm in Nottinghamshire; and the number keeps increasing

The NHS recommend 2 to 3 units per day for women and 3 to 4 units for a man (one pint of premium lager = 3 units, whilst six pints in one night is almost a weeks total - is it worth it?).

Mansfield Palace Theatre students' drunk dramaTo help raise awareness of risks linked to binge drinking, the campaign ran a number of communication events:
  • ‘drunk drama’ performed by Mansfield Palace Theatre students at Portland Square. Speaking to members of the community watching the performances, tow were very clearly moved and felt that this was an excellent way of getting the message across to young people
  • ‘drunk mannequins’ placed in the Idlewells Precinct on the 27th and before that at Kirkby Construction College and Ashfield College over the month;
  • Advertising on the side of stagecoach buses for the whole month

Throughout all of the above, a number of press releases were placed in local papers and interviews were conducted on local radio. APAC was heavily supported by partners joining the street teams to give out messages to young adults, through scratch cards (which asked pertinent questions over excessive drinking and the risks associated with it). On Saturday alone, over 200 scratch cards were handed out, and half as many again at the two colleges.

Key support came from Ashfield DC Environmental Services; Public Relations; Community Safety Team; Police; Fire Service; Licensing and the Sutton in Ashfield Town Centre Manager. The Idlewells Centre was also very supportive.

If you have any concerns or need advice / information around alcohol or any substances, call the Community Information Line on 0800 121 8189.