Ashfield Partnership Against Crime

Community Engagement

Current Community Action Plans

We currently have three action plans in place across Ashfield aimed at tackling anti-social behaviour and community safety issues within local communities. The three plans currently cover the following areas;

Goodall Crescent, Hankin Street, Brookside in Hucknall,
Stanton Hill area immediately surrounding the High Street,
Coxmoor Estate, Kirkby

The plans are owned by a multi-agency team of workers and are implemented to target specific issues that the community have raised as a concern for them. Work on the action plans can include things such as patch walks by all partner agencies, liasing with local residents in their homes, public meetings, street surgeries, clean-ups and days of action. The actions taken in each area will be determined by the needs of the local community and the community will be involved in all aspects of the plans, including having a resident sit as part of the multi-agency group. We want residents to feel included and have a say on the work taking place in their community, so all action plan areas will be surveyed before any work is carried out.

For further information on community action plans, please contact us on